Senior Finals

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Oregon High School
May 21, 2019 08:05 AM


1) Any senior who has earned a grade of a “C” or above in any or all of his/her classes will be exempt from taking the final exam for those classes.  For classes with a “C” or above, the last day of attendance will be Friday, May 17.

2) Any senior who has earned a grade of a “C-“ or lower in any of his/her current classes will be required to attend a day of review and a day of testing for each of those classes where the grade is a “C-“ or lower. The day of review will occur during regular classes on Monday, May 20.  Final exams for seniors will take place on Tuesday, May 21.

3) Any senior who has grade of a “C” or higher in any class and who wishes to try to improve his/her course grade by taking the final exam, is welcome to do so. 

Seniors required to take finals will be required to attend school on Monday, May 20 for all classes they will be taking the final for.  Seniors who are taking a final will report to OHS gym on Tuesday, May 21 by 8:05 a.mThey will not report to classrooms. The process for taking exams will be as follows:

  • The OHS gym will be used as the exam room, with OHS counselors and available teachers acting as proctors.
  • Any exam that a senior needs to take will be in the gym.
  • Once a student is done taking all of his/her exams, he/she must leave the building.

All Dates

  • May 21, 2019 08:05 AM