Foundations 4 Success Expectations

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We want your family's experience at OCUSD to be great! For that to occur we are asking you to commit to these three areas:

1. Create a daily routine that celebrates learning:

  • Hold daily discussions around what is happening in class and in school. Know what your child is learning.
  • Set aside a special place for reading (not in front of the televison set).
  • Read aloud to your children when they are young. Listen to them read. Encourage them to read as they get older and then discuss what was read.
  • Be sure that your child starts each day with a good breakfast.

2. Be involved:

  • Attend family-school events including quarterly Pre-K round up, parent-teacher conferences, open house and individual field trips.

3. Create lifelong success habits:

  • Establish high expectations for your child. Praise hard work and persistence. Remind your child that success in school is mostly due to hard work and that success will come if they persist in their work.
  • Make sure that your child arrives at school on time and consistenly attends school.
  • Limit television viewing. Research shows that U.S. children watch more televison than children in nearly all other countries. Research shows that students who watch a lot of televison don't do as well in school.

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