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Builders Club will be having their Pie in the Face Fundraiser to support the March of Dimes. Start to look for the containers in classrooms to put your pennies in.  The following teachers have agreed to be a part of the fundraiser: Mrs. Drake, Mrs. Fulton, Ms. Leamanczyk, Mrs. Cermak, and Mrs. O’Neil. The way this works is that you bring in pennies and put in the container for the teacher you would like to see get the pie in the face. This counts as a yes vote. Now if you are going to try and make it so that teacher doesn’t win (a no vote) then you bring in nickles, dimes, quarters or dollar bills and put it in.  This subtracts from the pennies. Example: if a teacher has 200 pennies and someone puts in a $5 dollar bill then that teacher is in the negative.   


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