10 12 17 Rally Around the Pole

The 12/7/17 FCA meeting topic was Faith Wins: Faith Beats Doubt. Undefeated teams are usually characterized by unshakeable confidence in their ability to defeat any opponent. They have no doubt they'll be victorious! A team that doubts itself usually finds reasons to lose and excuses to perform poorly.  Questions were asked such as "How do you see your team? Is it full of faith or plagued with doubt?" Students read how Jesus and His disciples demonstrated faith and doubt and how their faith overcame their doubt.  They discussed how to lead in ways that inspire faith in their teammates. Speak in ways to diminish their teammates' doubts and how to feed their teammates' minds with faith-building truth, and build their hearts to dispel doubts. Memory verse for today was Hebrews 11:1.

After the meeting students and staff were invited to join the club members for their monthy "Rally Around the Pole" event.  It was great to have Mr. Kerry Hughes joins us for the meeting and rally and to see all the excited faces of the kids as they shared with each other. 

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