OCUSD math students/parents...the following shows calculator pricing for local retailers of Texas Instruments. Be aware that most retailers price-match the competition so if you see a lower sale price somewhere make sure to ask!

Thank you to Mrs. Larsen for the heads up on sales :)

TI-84 Plus CE $89.99 this week
TI-84 Plus CE $88; TI-83+ $88; TI-30XIIS $8.88; TI-30XS Multiview $14.78
TI-Nspire CX $129.99 after rebate; TI-84 Plus CE $109.99 after rebate; TI-84+ $99.99 after rebate; TI-83+ $89.99 after rebate; TI-30XIIS $9.99 after rebate; TI-30XA $9.99
TI-Nspire CX $129.99; TI-84 Plus CE $119.99; TI-84+ $99.99; TI-30XIIS $10.99


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Congratulations to Allison Hunt who is a finalist in a national photography competition for the magazine, Photographer’s Forum. Allison’s photo will be published in the magazine. Allison’s photo is eligible for the final round and the grand prize in the contest.

AHunt photo

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