Performance Date: Monday, May 11th (rain date: Tuesday, May 12th)

Performance Time: 3:00 Oregon / 4:30 Mt. Morris

If you live in or near* Oregon, your musical telephone performance will begin with Mr. Eckardt, Mr. Beske, and Mr. Hall performing through the football stadium loud speakers at 3:00. If you live in or near* Mt. Morris, we will start you off from the Church of the Brethren at 4:30.

Students’ job

·         Get to your starting location at the times mentioned above.

·         Have your music ready. You should be ready to play/sing from 30 seconds up to 30 minutes (any music you want).

·         Listen carefully. Whether you hear our initial performance or music from any other person in town, THAT IS YOUR CUE! As soon as you hear any music, you need to start playing. It could come from anywhere!

·         If you receive no audio cue by five minutes after the start time (3:05 in Oregon / 4:35 in Mt. Morris), that means the fuse went out somewhere. Text Mr. Eckardt your location and someone will be near your location soon to relight the fuse.

·         Parents: Take videos of this fun performance. We’ll try to share them in a google drive once it’s all said and done.

This is meant to be a performance opportunity for our musicians that missed out on their spring concerts. We hope your family members and neighbors will enjoy your playing and singing. Word of the event is going to local media outlets (you never know, a Rockford news station could show up to do some filming). It will also be advertised to alumni, Kable Band members, and on Facebook. We are going to ask anyone who wants (you do not need to be a current student) to join in this community-wide performance that will hopefully last about 30 minutes with no mowing of lawns- just music and lots of barking dogs.

Please email me if you have other ideas, questions, or concerns.

Mr. Eckardt

*If you live outside the city limits (including Silver Ridge, Etnyre Terrace, and Mt. Morris Trailer Park), you will only be part of the telephone if you join us from a location in town. Otherwise, you can take a video of yourself from your out-of-town location. Here are some options of where you could go in town:

·         Oregon students: Casey’s, Mix Park, Lion’s Park, Nash, VFW. Mt. Morris students: Casey’s, Library, Pinecrest

·         Friend’s house (driveway- 6 ft apart!)

·         Ask Beske/Eckardt/Hall to assign a location to you