Hello, Hawk families;

Oregon High School students received their Chromebooks.  We are now one-to-one; that is, every student has their own device.  We expect students to use the school-issued Chromebook.  The only exception to this are seniors in dual credit/college courses.  They may use their own devices until the end of the first semester.  We ask that students use school district devices for safety and liability purposes.  

I have attached a document offering a Protection Plan for your child's Chromebook.  Any damage to Chromebooks is the responsibility of families.  The Protection Plan would help cover potential accidents.  

Now that we are one-to-one, you can expect to see more utilization of technology in instruction and assignments.  The Chromebook that is issued to your student will be theirs for the rest of their school career.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  

Best regards, 

Dr. Heidi Deininger, 

Principal, Oregon High School, Oregon, IL

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